April 30, 2015 AiunaTales

New website and first post, but far from the start of this project

Back in 2011-2012, I started scribbling down notes of what would become a new universe filled with creatures, places and people. Not ordinary people like you and me, but evolved animals that had survived in a world destroyed by mankind. I made sure to always bring a piece of paper and a pen with me, or even better, a notebook. I kept it with me all the time, when I went to bed, the notebook was next to me on the nightstand. I would often find myself writing several pages of concepts and ideas for my new universe just as I was about to fall asleep. Characters started developing and found their places in this story I came to name “Legendary”. Over the next years I would create the main story, spanning several books, books as in a graphic novel. Book one in the series will be approx 135 pages, fully illustrated.

This website will be my journey, sharing it with you as I create book 1, then more after that. Expect to see concept art, sketches, ideas and more.

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